Friday, February 12, 2010

Problem Skin Acne and Rosacea

It all started back when I was a child around 12 years old.
I started to have Problem Skin. You know like most of us do and have. It started with Acne-Pimples-Blemishes, call it what you will.

I tried Clearasil, Stridex and all of the rest of the Pimple stuff you can buy that would not work. They dried my face so bad it would peel and be even worse on the Red Spots.
So needless to say I didn't have many boy friends back then.

The years moved on and I occurred another problem with my skin. Only I had no Idea what this itchy, burning, red patchy, flaky, hurting CRAP was that was going on all over my face.
Especially on my cheeks, forehead and chin.
My mother had no clue either. So she took me to a Dermatologist and he prescribed Antibiotics and Retinol creme, Oh yeah and some other JUNK!! Which I eventually threw everything in the trash and from the time I was 12 years old until I was 43 I just learned to suffer with this problem.
I just covered it up with tons of Make-up Foundation. Now how Ugly do you think I was? Ha-Ha-Ha
Never mind under all that make-up I was in PURE AGONY!!!! Every day of my life.
My face would hurt so bad, just burn like it was on FIRE, Itch (but would not dare to scratch)Flakiness on my cheeks so dry that when it would fall on the front of my shirt people thought it was because of Dandruff.
There were many days I laid in my room and cried and prayed for a cure.

To the exciting POINT of my story: 6 years ago after trying MANY different products I FINALLY figured out  something  that works for me. You will be surprised at what I am about to share with you. But, I have told alot of my friends about it and they too tried it and it worked for them also.
So I thought HEY, everyone that has been Suffering from Acne, Rosacea or other skin problems
NEEDS to know about this, because it can help them too.

Follow this 3-step daily Facial cleansing routine and you will have NO-MORE facial skin problems.

All You will need:
* One bottle Johnson's no more Tears Baby Shampoo
* One bottle Scalpicin Maximum Strength anti-itch liquid (don't get the other ones)
( Yes I know, this is a Scalp treatment, but Oh well!)
* One Tube Rainbow Souffle Salt Scrub
I've included a link so you can order a tube of  Rainbow Souffle Here

the cost is between $21.00 and $28.00 well worth it)
* Cotton Balls

Step one: Wet face apply and rub Johnson's baby shampoo,gently onto face, Rinse
Pat dry with towel

Step Two: Pour some Maximum Strength Scalpicin anti-itch liquid onto a cotton ball and gently rub into face.

Step three: Rainbow Souffle Salt scrub you will use ONLY twice a week to remove dead skin and let the new skin rejuvenate.
So, this is how you will apply Rainbow Souffle:
After washing face with Johnson's no more tears baby shampoo DO NOT DRY FACE, immediately apply a small amount of RainbowSouffle

gently rubbing ( you don't want the salt to scratch your face)then apply a small amount of warm water to dissolve the salt and activate the foam. Once that has occurred, rinse face thoroughly.
Pat Dry, apply Scalpicin with cotton ball.

Daily Routine is wash face with Baby shampoo, apply  Scalpicin with cotton ball last.
Twice a week after washing face apply Rainbow Souffle, apply Scalpicin last.

Hopefully I explained the 3-Step Cleansing process in an understandable manner. If you did not understand please feel free to leave me a comment and/or your email address so that I can respond back.

Or you can sign-up at my  forum and ask questions Visit our Forum! There are Tons of Cosmetics and Beauty products. So it usually is hard to choose a good product that works for your certain needs. Whether that may be for Eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, dry skin, oily skin, vitamin deficient, certain herbs etc.....etc....
But this REALLY does work!

For most of us it is important to have beautiful, healthy skin. It's just hard to get it that way if we don't know what products to use. It is not necessary to use the same brand of products.
For example...Suave Shampoo, Suave Conditioner, Suave Hairspray. You don't need to use all three of the same brand products to get your hair to do what you want it to do.
( Not knocking Suave products)This is a good and affordable brand. I'm just saying!
You can mix and match brands and/or you can stay with a same brand. Just don't limit yourself. Sometimes your skin needs another ingredient that works together with another brand. Just experiment a little.


  1. So many of the things that really work are so simple. I am close to total meltdown with the rosacea plus bad hayfever.

    I just got back from the pharmacy . . . spent nearly $ 80.00 on various creams and lotions.

    I realize that the condition is one that will have to be managed, not cured. I am anxious to try your common sense routine.

    Now, do you have any advice about makeup? I am at a dead end there too. Hope to hear from you again!


  2. Interesting, I suffer at times from breakouts of impetigo (when I am really stressed!) and am always looking for something gentle for my skin, as anything elses burns...i look forward to more of your pages

  3. @ Lisa
    I feel terrible because I am just now responding back from the comment you left on my blog. I hope you won't get mad at me for posting so late, I'm still learing the Blog thing! LOL..
    Pau D'Arco tea is an anti bacterial tea you should try to drink a cup or two a day to void off that emphetico bacteria. The tea tastes like "Bark" just add some sweetener and drink it warm.

  4. Does this get rid of minor scars at all?

  5. Good thing that there are blogs dedicated to the treatment of rosacea. People who has this will benefit from these blogs.

    Rosacea Laser Treatment

    1. Thank you Larry for leaving your nice comment. I hope people will benefit from my experience.

  6. Now a day many issue for skin care problem. but thanks you have suggest me and i use this therapy.

  7. Can you use the dead sea salts if hou have sulfa drug allergies? I see they contain sulfur. Thank you!