Johnson & Johnson Products

Johnson & Johnson has been around for many years. It is and always has been a good product. I am especially glad I figured out that the plain yellow shampoo keeps Acne and Rosacea at bay. I know it is kind of different to use a shampoo as a facial cleanser. But, it absolutely works wonders. Did you know that hair conditioner's work great for shaving your legs in stead of using soaps or shaving cream? It makes your legs smoother.
My Large images with take you directly to Walmart's Website where you can there order YOUR Johnson's baby Shampoo too!

Johnson's - Baby Shampoo, 20 oz, 2-PackJohnson's - Natural Lavender Baby Shampoo, 20 oz, 2-Pack
Johnson's No More Tangles 2-In-1 Baby Shampoo For Thin Straight Hair, 13 oz cleanses gently and rinses easily, leaving hair easy to comb and smelling baby fresh.
Johnson's - Natural Baby Shampoo, Wash & Lotion Set